SellFluent Media Pack Design
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SellFluent Media Pack Design

SellFluent are audience development specialists for the events industry. They work with a variety of prominent businesses within the events, media and publishing industry. The SellFluent media pack design had to be simple but highly effective.


They also wanted to use the opportunity to evolve their brand through choice of imagery in order to stay current and relevant to their audience. The SellFluent media pack design was as much about usability as design, so delivery and platform/device use was carefully analysed during the design process to ensure the format and file size was optimised for best performance.


The result was a very simple, but highly impactful media pack in PDF format which the sales team could attach in follow-up emails to their prospects. Both feedback from SellFluent’s clients and their sales team was incredibly positive in addition to a noticeable rise in engagement.


Trilogy also assisted in creating a narrative structure for the media pack would be inline with SellFluent’s current sales methodology and brand purpose. Find out more on ‘WHAT MAKES A GOOD MEDIA PACK’


By investing and taking time to consider the media pack design and content, SellFluent have not only experienced a direct impact on their sales revenue but the team have grown in confidence as they are proud to share the document with prospects. The quality in design better reflects the quality of service provided by the SellFluent team.

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