The International Retail Expo Media Pack Design & Development
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The International Retail Expo Media Pack Design & Development

The sales team working on the International Retail Expo 2018 wanted to create a media pack which would help to drive stronger conversations with their target prospects. They called on Trilogy to lead The International Retail Expo media pack design & development.


Working with the Sales team we firstly established a narrative which was inline with their brand purpose and their sales methodology. Creating graphics which put the narrative first was paramount.


The International Retail Expo’s (IRX) audience are forward thinking and early adopters of technology. Careful consideration was given to produce a document which could be used in traditional print, whilst being optimised for mobile and tablet.


Research was conducted to gain a better understanding of how the International Retail Expo audience interacted with their sales and marketing collateral. The analytics indicated that the tech-savvy audience would require sales collateral which was accessible on mobile and tablet.


The final output struck a balance between mobile, desktop and print. Using the right font sizes and optimising the document’s formatting, a single media pack was created which performed well across all platforms.


The IRX team found that the new media pack had a big impact on their sales pipeline and experienced high levels of engagement. The consideration given to the sales narrative also paid dividends. Prospects were able to make a strong connection between the information in the media pack and the conversations they were having with the sales team.


“ By implementing sales tools which pro-actively drew our prospects closer to having a conversation with our sales team has made a very positive impact on our sales pipeline.”
– Sam North, Portfolio Director, Clarion Events


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