iExcelerate Inc Logo and Brand Identity Design
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iExcelerate Inc Logo And Brand Identity Design

iExcelerate Inc. is the Philippines’ first native event and business training company. They recognised a gap in a very crowded market-place which had very little differentiation. Trilogy was asked to develop the iExcelerate Inc logo and brand identity design.


Creating a brand identity which reflected their brand purpose whilst looking clean, dynamic and cutting-edge was the task given to Trilogy. The creative consultation was conducted remotely and a comprehensive brief taken from the iExcelerate Management team.


Additional care was taken to ensure that the brand identity was the right fit for the majority of iExcelerate’s core marketing activities. Creating logo variations which were ideal for mobile rendering or large scale print was a key prerequisite of the project.


Ten logo design proofs were delivered to the iExcelerate team for consideration. They were able to choose elements from each concept to narrow the focus and move closer to a finished logo design.


Once the final logo was presented, the team was then supplied with a complete set of brand guidelines. The brand guidelines set a standard for the iExcelerate brand moving forward. Since the initial logo and brand identiy design, iExcelerate has gone from strength to strength.


The iExcelerate brand is now well recognised through its business training, summits and conferences in the regions of Asia, Africa, and South America. iExcelerate has emerged and continued to grow in the South East Asian market.

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