Designing B2B Proposals That Really Convert
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Designing B2B Proposals That Really Convert

We don’t need to stress the importance of creating winning proposals. At Trilogy we guide our clients by designing B2B proposals that really convert.


At the heart of any proposal is the narrative structure. Getting the structure of the proposal should be the top priority. Today, proposals are required to influence and average of 6.8 decision-makers.


To really understand how to approach a prospect with a proposal it’s worth reading our blog post on ‘WWHAT’S CHANGED IN B2B MEDIA & EVENT SALES?’


Personalisation for today B2B decision-maker is very important. It is proven to be twice as effective. At Trilogy we show our clients the impact of taking the time to invest in customising proposals, no matter how slightly, a little effort in customisation goes a long way!


Understanding the time constraints experienced by most sales people, we have developed methods of creating templates that can be easily edited by the team and repurposed for a new prospective client.

We develop templates for the sales team to reuse or design bespoke proposals for those client pitches that can’t afford to be lost.

When creating bespoke proposals we focus on

  • Sales methodology
  • Personalisation
  • Bespoke design
  • Usability, reuse and customisation

For more insight on how to create a great proposal see our latest blog post HOW TO WRITE A KILLER PROPOSAL